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Call SERVPRO for Residential Storm Damage Repair in the Bronx, NY

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Repair in the Bronx, NY Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable storm damage repair in the Bronx, NY!

Call SERVPRO for Residential Storm Damage Repair in the Bronx, NY

In the event of a storm, two things could occur: the storm may silently pass or could damage your home instantly, rendering it uninhabitable. If it damages your home, you need to be aware of whom to reach out to for help. A perfect move would be to call a company that does storm damage repair, such as SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

A few days ago, a house near the Bronx, NY, suffered storm damage. The owner immediately contacted us, and within minutes, our technicians were at the scene. They were able to address the damage, restore the home, and the customer could go back to their regular life.

Here are some things that enabled us to quickly and efficiently repair storm damage for this customer. Hopefully, from this, you will understand why you should call SERVPRO for your storm damage repair in the Bronx.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Storm damage can occur at any time of the day or night. With this understanding, we ensure we are available 24 hours a day throughout the year. We have an emergency team that is always ready for dispatch whenever you call us. Just like we did for our customers in the Bronx, once you call us, our team will immediately get to your property. They will limit the continuation of the damage and restore your home to normal as fast as possible.

Fast Response Time

At SERVPRO, we understand that the longer the storm damage stays, the worse the damage can get. Therefore, we rapidly respond whenever you call. This way, we can limit the amount of structural damage, reduce the repair cost, and keep your home safe.

Licensed and Insured

The storm restoration process is quite complex. Therefore, we ensure our technicians are IICRC certified and insured. They undergo intense training to ensure that they are conversant with every step of storm restoration. When you call on SERVPRO for storm damage repair in the Bronx, you can rest knowing that your property is in safe hands.

Professional Equipment and Techniques

Time is of great essence when it comes to storm damage cleanup. The longer the process takes, the more the damage will build up. To clean up your home as fast as possible, we use advanced techniques and professional-grade equipment. This way, we can act quickly and get your home back to its preloss condition in no time.


Professionalism is one of the most significant benefits of working with SERVPRO. Once we get to your home, our first step is not to start cleaning, but to do a thorough professional assessment. We check the damaged areas and mark them, ensuring the stability of your property.  

Great Customer Service

At SERVPRO, we’re committed to customer satisfaction. We have a team of well-trained and professional customer service agents who are there to answer all your questions. We have invested in advanced technology, which helps us keep you updated throughout the storm repair process. 

Insurance Assistance

We understand that you have a lot going on after storm damage. Therefore, we save you the hustle of dealing with insurance companies. We communicate with your insurance to help move your restoration along as quickly as possible.


Storm damage can be very overwhelming and devastating. Whenever you call us, the mission usually is straightforward; to get your property back to its pre-damage condition as fast as possible. Regardless of the extent of the storm damage, call on us, and we will provide you with efficient and quick storm damage repair in the Bronx, ensuring that your home is safe for occupation as fast as possible.

Storm Causes Damage to Residence in Fordham Heights, NY

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO for fast, reliable storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY! Contact SERVPRO for fast, reliable storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY!

Storm Causes Damage to Residence in Fordham Heights, NY

Storms can result in substantial repair costs, affecting residential and commercial properties. It is essential to hire professionals to help with storm damage restoration. You do not want to worsen the damage or endanger your property trying to fix the issue. SERVPRO of Yonkers South is a cleaning and restoration service provider you should call. Our services are professional and prompt to ensure customers get the help they need in time.

SERVPRO Offers Storm Damage Restoration in Fordham Heights, NY

One client needed storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY and SERVPRO responded with top-notch repair services. We dispatched a team of experts to the area and helped restore the affected home. The customer was worried, considering the storm damaged the house and caused water damage to belongings. Our staff repaired the storm damage and helped with the water damage. They assisted the client to protect and salvage valuables, including documents and leather items, while preventing further damage.

Reasons to Hire SERVPRO for Storm Damage Restoration Services

It is prudent to seek the services of experts to handle storm damages. They have the experience and tools needed to help you recover after a storm hits. Storms can be accompanied by rain, snow, hail, and flying sand, which can damage your property and belongings. Consider SERVPRO for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, for the following reasons.

A Trusted Brand

SERVPRO is a reliable brand in the restoration business. It is a leading name in the industry and one of the top companies that will appear when searching for storm damage restoration and other services online. We have many years of experience, ensuring quality services. Apart from storm damage repairs, SERVPRO also provides water damage repairs, specialty cleaning, document restoration, and odor removal, among other services.

Experience and Expertise

SERVPRO has highly-qualified professionals with the required knowledge and skills for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other areas. Aside from initial training, we also conduct ongoing training at SERVPRO to equip the staff with up-to-date information on handling repairs more efficiently. We work on both small and large damages and have specialists to ensure customers always get high-quality services.

Available 24/7 on Any Day

You can contact SERVPRO at any time of the day for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other locations. We operate on a 24/7 365-day basis to ensure you get the assistance you need when a storm strikes. SERVPRO has strategically placed storm teams on standby should one hit. Qualified, trained technicians organize local command centers to assist customers with storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other locations. We will help you get back normal after a storm, restoring your property and belongings to proper shape in the shortest time possible.

We Ease the Insurance Claims Procedure  

Our services do not end at storm damage restoration. We help clients through the insurance claims process to make things easier. We coordinate the needed paperwork to ensure faster, easier claims processing. Forbes Advisor emphasizes the importance of double-checking your insurance plan to be sure of the storm damages it covers, such as wind, rain, hail, fallen trees, sewer backups, and power outages.

Besides working on residential properties, we also offer services to hospitals, municipalities, universities, and business premises. Our storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other areas is satisfactory and high-quality.

Contact SERVPRO at any time of the day for storm damage restoration in Fordham Heights, NY, and other locations nearby. We have the experts and equipment needed to provide quality services on your property. We also assist with insurance claims processing to give you an easier experience.

How to Prevent Residential Storm Damage in Kingsbridge, NY

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable storm damage repair in Kingsbridge, NY! Call SERVPRO of Yonkers South for fast, reliable storm damage repair in Kingsbridge, NY!

How to Prevent Residential Storm Damage in Kingsbridge, NY

As a homeowner, it is your top priority to ensure that your property is safe, well maintained, and in perfect condition. Part of doing this is ensuring that your home is safe from storms, which can happen any time.

Well, you can’t control the weather. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to prevent severe residential storm damage. Keep reading to find out these steps.

Replace Missing or Damaged Shingles

Regularly replace damaged or missing shingles within your house. Missing shingles creates room for wind to get into the house, which can cause a lot of damage. When replacing this, ensure they are appropriately nailed — not above the nail line.

Deal with Drainage Problems

Water damage is a common challenge following a storm, and it can cause severe damage to your property. It can occur in various ways, but the most common is water draining into your foundation, damaging it. 

It would help to clean your gutters once in a while to make sure that they are flowing freely and that they are directing water away from your home. Also, you can work with landscaping professionals who can help you identify the problems and come up with solutions. This way, you will be prepared when storms come.

Inspect Roof Periodically

A strong roof ought to withstand storms. However, if your roof is more than five years old, it may have loose sheathing, nails, and even shingles. The shingles may blow off in a storm, and the sheathing and loose nails may create openings for water to penetrate. It would help to have your roof inspected by professionals such as SERVPRO of Yonkers South, who offer storm damage repair in Kingsbridge.

Consider New or Impact-Rated Windows

It is advisable to board up or install hurricane shutters on your windows to protect them from storm damage. Additionally, replace your windows once in a while as new windows are likely safer from storm damage than older ones. Besides, if you live in areas that experience frequent storms, it is wise to consider windows that can withstand storm-level impact and air pressure.

Trim Nearby Trees

Tree branches near your home can fall on your house, causing severe damages to the roof and even other parts of the house. Trimming your trees is essential as it will lead to fewer or no branches falling following a storm. You can do the trimming yourself. However, for heavy branches, consider reaching out to professionals. They can also inspect and inform you the trees are at risk of being blown over by a storm.

Identify Items That Could Become Projectiles

It is crucial to inspect the surroundings of your property to check if there are no objects that the winds can throw during a storm, causing damage. These items could be flower pots, picnic tables, furniture, or even tools. It would help to ensure that you move them into the house or the garage.

Secure the House Foundation

It is wise to inspect your house’s foundation to ensure that it is waterproof. A small crack on the foundation can allow water into your home, causing water damage during a storm. Regularly inspect the foundation walls for cracks and contact professionals in storm damage repair in Kingsbridge, NY, such as SERVPRO. They will make necessary repairs before a major storm hits your area.


You can take numerous steps to ensure that your house withstands storm damage. However, if storm damage does occur in your home, call SERVPRO of Yonkers South. We will repair the storm damages and leave your home looking as good as new.

Rainstorm in Yonkers, NY Causes Flood Damage in Basement

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY Storm Damage Remediation in Yonkers, NY

Water Damage Leaves Basement Flooded in South Yonkers, NY

In many ways, rain is a blessing, and there’s a reason to be grateful. Rain helps plants and vegetation grow. It gets rid of dust, and in some cases, provides you with drinking water. However, rain can just be as damaging as it is beneficial. For example, a heavy downpour can leave your house flooded, leaving you in dire need of service providers dealing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

Whenever you experience water damage from a storm, the steps you take will determine the level of damage. For example, one of the first steps you should take after experiencing water damage from a rainstorm is contacting experts like SERVPRO of Yonkers South.

A family that recently moved to the Yonkers South area were the unfortunate victims of water damage in their basement. The basement water damage was caused by a heavy downpour during a rainstorm. This damage left the family requiring experts specializing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

The rain started like any other, and the family was sure the storm would pass. This family had only moved to South Yonkers four months before the water damage ordeal. During these four months, it had rained a few times, and while the intensity of the rain was gradually increasing, it all seemed to pass without any damage.

This time, the family thought it would be the same scenario. Little did they know, they would later be calling the SERVPRO team for storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

After a few hours of heavy rain, it was evident something was off. The area around the house was holding a lot more water than usual. Normally, the water around the house would flow as the rain continued. This time, however, the water had become stagnant.

The rain continued through the night. In the early morning hours, the family was up and getting ready to start their day. The kids were just waking up to get ready for school, and the parents were preparing to go to work.

One of the kids needed to grab something from the basement, and soon as they opened the door, they saw the basement was not only flooded, but the water was quickly rising.

At this point, the family tried to salvage whatever they could from the basement. However, after their efforts turned futile, they knew they had one option to mitigate the basement water damage. It was at this point the family contacted the SERVPRO team for their effective services dealing in storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY.

The SERVPRO team acted quickly. Within a few minutes, the team had already arrived at the family home to help with storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY. They identified that the water was seeping in from the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, since nothing like this had ever happened before, there was no sump pump installed in the house.

As a result, the storm damage cleanup in Yonkers, NY team evacuated everything that could be salvaged from the basement. At the same time, they brought out equipment to pump the water from the house. After this, the SERVPRO team broke into various factions to handle different tasks. One team was dealing with cleaning and drying the items that had been rescued. The other teams were mitigating the damage and ensuring the effects of the water damage did not move to other parts of the house.

After everything was sorted by the storm damage cleanup crew in Yonkers, NY, the family decided to install a sump pump. This would remove any gradual water that was building up around the house, thus minimizing the risk that similar damage would ever happen again. In a short while, the damage had been cleaned up, and you could hardly tell there was water damage on the premises, thanks to the SERVPRO team.

Storm Damage In Yonkers, New York Happens Fast, Use The Best Storm Damage Clean-Up Company In Town

1/19/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Damage to Home In Yonkers New York Storm Damage In Yonkers, New York

New York experiences its share of severe and inclement weather conditions. Major storms, including thunderstorms, strong winds, snowstorms, hail, and hurricanes, can cause significant property damage to buildings and homes. A combination of strong winds and precipitation that accompanies many storms in New York can tear apart roofing and siding, letting in water into a building.

Powerful winds can also blow over trees, utility infrastructure, and other sizable objects that cause devastating damage when they fall on your property. If you’re a New York resident and suffer serious structural damage from a storm in Yonkers, it’s crucial to immediately call the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers – SERVPRO, to avoid further damage.

SERVPRO provides professional storm damage cleanup and restoration services to repair and stabilize damaged businesses and homes, returning the property to operational condition as quickly as possible.

A particularly nasty storm hit Southeast Yonkers recently. One of our client's homes was severely damaged and required extensive storm and water damage cleanup and repair. Below is an overview of the daunting comprehensive project that SERVPRO of Yonkers South experts undertook to get our client’s property to livable condition within the stipulated timeline.

1. Property Safety

Storms can leave behind damaged structures, broken glass, sharp debris, and other hazards. Our first priority was ensuring the property was safe before the inspection could begin. With a storm, there's always the risk of electrocution. Some flooding occurred, and there were power lines nearby, so we ensured the power was cut.


After ensuring the property was safe, SERVPRO's experts first conducted a thorough assessment of the property's interior and exterior. The comprehensive examination allows our experts to determine the extent of the storm damage to formulate a plan and timeline for the cleanup and restoration. We documented all the damage for insurance claims purposes.

3. Board-Up and Tarping Services

Professionals from the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers understand that it's imperative to stabilize a building from further damage following a severe storm. Our board-up and tarping services helped secure the property right away to make the storm damage cleanup and repair process easier and faster.

These services help prevent further structural damage, prevent vagrants and vandalism, ensure continued insurance coverage, and prevent liabilities. Our team boarded up all the windows, damaged doors, damaged walls, and all open spaces in the home. We also tarped a section of the roof damaged during the storm.

4. The Clean-up Process

Clean-up is often the most intensive phase of the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, typically involving lots of manual labor. The first step involved removing all the standing water from the property. Fortunately, the water damage wasn’t extensive.

Our team then removed all the wet furnishings, building materials, carpeting, and upholstery. These were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The next step involved clearing all the glass, siding, roofing pieces, and non-natural debris in the home. We also cleared tree branches, bushes, and other natural debris.

Our personnel then removed all the valuable possessions that were at risk of sustaining damage or could be repaired. We disposed of all the materials that were too damaged to save or keep. Our experts then dried out the property utilizing high-powered industrial-grade fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers. After drying, we disinfected the hard surfaces, carpeting, drywall, and upholstery.

5. Restoration and Repair

Restoration and repair were the most complex components of the storm damage cleanup project. Fortunately, no project is beyond the scope of SERVPRO's best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers trained professionals. The first step was exterior damage repair which included repairing the damaged sections of the roofing, replacing the broken windows, and repairing the property siding and other affected structures like the front porch that the storm destroyed.

We then focused on returning the interior spaces back to habitable conditions. Our experts repaired the damaged drywall and flooring, cleaned and replaced the carpeting, replaced damaged electricals, and replaced the damaged interior fixtures. SERVPRO is well equipped to handle all types of property repairs. We stayed in constant contact with our client, updated them on the progress, and their home was back to a livable condition in the time we had promised.

New York is no stranger to severe storms that can wreak havoc on your property in Southeast Yonkers. Whether it's your residence or business that's affected, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO for the best storm damage clean-up in Yonkers.

Our dedicated, highly trained, certified, well-equipped, and experienced professionals are available 24/7 and will get to work quickly to ensure your property doesn't suffer more damage and it's back to habitable or operational condition as quickly as possible.

Choose SERVPRO for your Roof and Storm Damage in Yonkers, New York

1/19/2022 (Permalink)

Roof Damage Reconstruction In Yonkers, New York Roof Damage Reconstruction In Yonkers, New York

Since 2010, weather disasters such as storms have become very common in New York due to global warming. From a flooded attic to a leaking roof, and ceiling leak, harsh weather can wreak all kinds of havoc. If left unattended, these effects lead to moisture accumulation within your roof, leading to mold growing and wood on the roof swelling. Doing a roof and storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY, is the best method of avoiding these adverse effects.

Keep reading as we dive into everything you need to know regarding the best roof and storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY.

What is roof and Storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY?

To most people, roof and storm damage clean-up is simply repairing roofs and replacing broken windows. However, there is more to it since these two alone lead to poor air quality, mildew, and mold. The process involves cleaning the property, water extraction, structural repairs and dehumidification, and other recovery services. During roof and storm damage clean-up, these processes are performed to ensure that your home is structurally sound.

Which is the best roof and storm damage clean-up in Yonkers, NY?

When you’re faced with storm damage within your house or building, it can be hard to know where to begin. However, it is advisable to start by contacting the best roof and storm damage clean-up professionals, SERVPRO of Yonkers South. They provide comprehensive roof and storm damage clean-up services, giving you peace of mind during such a tough time. From the first call to the final inspection, SERVPRO will work tirelessly to ensure that they restore your property to its original condition.

SERVPRO’s roof and storm damage cleanup process

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to SERVPRO cleaning up your home after severe roof and storm damage. Our approach to your property depends on the type of weather damage and your property structure. However, some of the standard processes that our professionals use include;

Examination of your property

Whether it is a residence or business, SERVPRO clean- up experts will come to your property and do a detailed examination of the exterior and interior of your building. This examination will enable us to gauge the level of the damage. 

Provision of plan of action

Once we have assessed your property and are aware of the damage rate, our professionals will discuss the renovation plans with you and ensure you understand them. Each plan is uniquely customized depending on the damage and nature of the property.

Beginning of work

Once you have agreed upon everything, the next step is to execute the plans. The process and type of equipment they will use are different for each case, depending on the kind of damage. For example, in the case of a flood damage clean-up, they will use specialized vacuums and pumps to direct water from the affected areas.


The final step in this roof and storm damage clean-up process is dehumidification. It is a critical step as it prevents mildew and mold formation, which could damage your roof. Our specialists will then disinfect the hard surfaces, shampoo the carpets, and apply deodorant to remove any odors.


There is a lot involved after a roof or storm damage. In as much as you can do your part by helping remove things that are not affected by the storm out of the house. It is best to let water damage clean up and flood damage clean-up professionals handle things. If you’re looking for roof and storm damage clean-up services, then contact the team at SERVPRO today. We will follow all the processes ensuring that we leave your property looking as good as new.